Ventilation: An important consideration in building renovation

Ventilation is a crucial but often underestimated factor to consider in the planning of a renovation project.

Are you about to undertake a renovation project in your property? Ventilation is a crucial but often underestimated factor to consider in the planning stages. Ventilation is the key to ensuring your property is a cosy and healthy place to live.

Ventilation is often missed because homeowners focus on having a warm, draught-free home. If you think about it, without adequate ventilation the moisture from everyday activities like cooking and washing will inevitably build up and not be able to escape.

Did you know that a family of four creates up to a whopping 16 pints of moisture per day? There are ways to minimise the build up of moisture in your home (see our blog post here) but nothing beats having the correct ventilation solution in the first place.

If you’re unsure of the dangers of a build up of moisture in your home, have a read of our blog about condensation and rising damp. Both types of damp can worsen the symptoms of asthma and allergies. Whilst we all want a warm home, ventilation solutions will ensure your home is also healthy.

The first part of our process is to conduct a ventilation survey on your home where we measure any existing ventilation and take humidity level readings. This will look at any issues within the property as well as the best ways to combat these problems. For homes that we discover may be prone to high humidity levels, we will install input and extract ventilation systems. We may sometimes recommend passive ventilation for certain areas. For larger retrofit projects, we are able to install MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery). This will address the ventilation issues in your property as well as minimise any heating costs.

We can offer a complete home ventilation service and we have qualified ventilation engineers able to advise on a range of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) solutions. For landlord projects and large buildings, we can calculate suitable air changes per hour and recommend you the right solutions. And, if you’re already into the renovation, don’t worry, we can help at any stage.

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