Floor Insulation

Do you feel as if your home is draughty with a real chill? Worried that precious heat may be escaping from your home? Perhaps it is time to look at floor insulation.

Floor, or underfloor insulation as it’s often known, is thought to be able to stop around 15% of heat from escaping from your home and simply having it installed in the ground floor of your home can reduce your energy bill and instantly improve the cosiness.

Here at Six Star Group we are experts in a variety of different aspects of draught proofinginsulation and damp services. We offer our services throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands; in Warwickshire and throughout Gloucestershire and Worcestershire and our dedicated team of professionals are able to give you the cosy and warm home that you are searching for. One of the ways that we can do this for you is with our floor insulation service.

Installing floor insulation in your home 

Underfloor insulation can be tricky to install, which is why it is recommended that you ask a professional company such as Six Star Group to complete the work for you.

For suspended timber floors with floorboards, we will assess how easy it is to take up the boards or if there is enough crawl space underneath. Solid floors have to be removed and relaid – this is often disruptive and only advisable if major renovations are taking place and or a damp problem needs rectifying.

When it comes to installing the insulation we aim for minimal disruption with a high standard. We will also check airflow under suspended timber floors and look for signs of timber decay. This is an important consideration as insulation can sometimes seal in existing damp problems. The end result: a cosy and warm home free from damp and musty smells.

What about underfloor insulation for solid floors? 

You may think that underfloor insulation is only suitable for homes that have floorboards. However, this is not the case. In fact, floor insulation can also be installed in homes with solid floors too.

Solid floors are insulated using rigid insulation boards. These can be fitted within the floor, before the concrete is laid on top. There are some solutions that can be installed on top of some existing floors, if the height of the doorframes allows.

Combine with draught-proofing for the ultimate cosy atmosphere

Whilst underfloor insulation alone can reduce the heat loss in your home, it works best when combined with other draught-proofing options to improve the overall warmth of your home. Our under floor insulation solutions mostly use condensation and draught-proof tape and breathable draught-proofing membranes. If you are considering underfloor insulation, why not give our team here at Six Star Group a call or fill out the form and discover how our experts can help.

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