Top tips for loft insulation

Taking care of your loft insulation is important to save wasted energy and money. You could save up to £250 a year!

Taking care of your loft insulation is important to save wasted energy and money. You could save up to £250 a year on your heating with good loft insulation.

Here are our top tips for loft insulation:

  1. Loft insulation should be at least 270mm deep (just over 10.5”). Ensure it is installed evenly and in two layers that go in opposite directions.  This will cover more gaps and ensure better thermal efficiency
  2. Get rid of old loft insulation. Mineral wool works by trapping air. Over time this will slump so if you think your insulation is rather thin it’s better to bin it and start again rather than lay new stuff on top
  3. Never push loft insulation to the perimeter of the roof. Use an insulation tray to get a snug fit or pull it back around 200mm from the edge
  4. Ensure good ventilation above the insulation through roof tile vents and at the soffits. Breathable roof felt is also great for your preserving timbers.
  5. Cover spotlights. Loft insulation needs to be pulled away from most spotlights for fire-safety. There are lots of spotlight hoods available. Look for fire-proof ones that are also breathable and don’t trap condensation from the wet rooms in the house
  6. Ensure your loft hatch is insulated. Polystyrene or rigid insulation board will have a better U-value (“warm-value”) than mineral wool.
  7. Lag pipes and use hot water cylinder jackets. Once your loft is well insulated the pipes and water tanks will no longer benefit from the heat being lost from the home below. This will make them more prone to freezing.
  8. Ensure large electrical cables don’t overheat by pulling them on top of the insulation. This is especially important for cables for power showers.
  9. Do not insulate over damp timbers. Loft insulation laid over damp timbers will encourage the moisture to stay in the wood and it will be hard to dry out. Evaluate the problems then treat or replace damp timbers first.
  10. Don’t put your old suitcases and Christmas decorations on top of insulation. If you squash it you push the air out, rendering it useless. Use loft legs or other supports to raise chipboard above the loft insulation.

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