1 in 4 homes suffer with black mould so don’t be embarrassed! This is particularly common in older properties.

1 in 4 homes suffer with black mould so don’t be embarrassed! This is particularly common in older properties that have gone through renovations to improve energy-efficiency. The property becomes sealed and the moisture that we create from every day activities like cooking and washing stays trapped – causing condensation and black mould.

Here are our top tips for getting rid of black mould and condensation problems:

  1. Ventilate your property. Open windows regularly on both sides of the house to allow the air to pass through the property. Keep vents open and if you have a blocked chimney, ensure there are at least two grills fitted for air flow.
  2. Maintain a consistent temperature. Cooler temperatures cause the moisture that is held in warm air to disperse onto cold surfaces. Ensuring these colder surfaces remain warmer will help prevent condensation problems.
  3. Ensure your home is well insulated to prevent heat from escaping. Loft insulation is particularly cost-effective. The payback is approx 2-3 years. You’ll prevent condensation settling on your loft timbers and save money on your heating too.
  4. Reduce condensation and moisture in the air by drying clothes outside where possible or ensuring that your tumble dryer’s ventilation pipe runs to the outside of your property. If you must dry clothes indoors, avoid the radiators and instead dry them in your bathroom with the door closed and the window open.
  5. When you’re cooking on the hob, keep pan lids on, close the kitchen door and keep the extractor fan on during the time you are cooking and for at least 15 minutes afterwards.
  6. When bathing or showering, keep the bathroom door closed during and afterwards, open the window and have the extractor fan on. Remember, if your extractor fan isn’t strong enough to hold a card up to it when it’s switched on, it needs servicing or replacing as it won’t be doing it’s job.
  7. If you don’t have extractor fans, wipe down any cold surfaces to remove condensation
  8. Pull your furniture slightly away from your walls to ensure the warm internal air can move freely around. Black mould likes to settle in cold places.
  9. Do not overfill your cupboards and wardrobes. Black mould will grow on leather shoes, bags and coats; expensive items to replace.
  10. Remember that dust mites love humid environments. If you have a problem with black mould and condensation, you’re likely to also have a problem with dust mites. Always keep carpets and beds clean.

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