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When it comes to the timber within your home there can be a number of problems that crop up from time to time. Dry rot, woodworm and wet rot are just some of the issues that property owners can face.

One of the best ways to remove, cure and eradicate these issues is with timber preservation. As timber preservation specialists, the team at Six Star Group are able to discuss with you the range of services we provide, all of which can help with your specific timber-based problem.

Dry rot eradication and wet rot services

Dry rot

Dry rot is thought to be one of the most destructive types of fungal decay affecting timbers in UK homes. The fungus that causes dry rot can destroy entire buildings causing expensive levels of damage as it moves across surface areas looking for sources of moisture.

Wet rot

Wet rot covers all of the other types of fungi that is not recognised as true dry rot. It is a natural decay that is caused when timber materials are exposed to high levels of moisture and become damp. Wet rot is often caused by structural or design faults, causing the damp and decay to form in localised areas. If left untreated for too long it can lead to infestations of wood-boring insects which eat away at the timbers.

A dry rot or wet rot cure can be offered by specialist timber preservation companies such as Six Star Group. Our teams are able to tell which type of rot is within the property and how far the decay has spread. Once they know what type of rot they need to deal with, they can take the right timber preservation approach. We will not only remove the dry or wet rot, but will make sure that there is a lower risk of it occurring again.

Woodworm removal

It isn’t just fungus that can cause problems within the timber structure of your property. Woodworm is another common occurrence – especially where timbers are already wet. The larvae these wood-boring insects tunnel into the wood leave damage to the timber.

We can make sure that woodworm eradication plans are put in place as soon as we identify them within your property. A low risk timber preservation approach will be taken, with an aim to retain as much of the original timber as possible. The solutions we use are not harmful to human health and can often still be used if you are living in the property.

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