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We all want a warm and cosy home and love the idea of saving money on our energy bills. This is where Six Star Group can help with our room in roof insulation service.

We are experts in insulation, draught-proofing, damp treatment services, all of which can help to make sure that you have a home that that is comfortable to live in all year round. One of the popular services that we can offer is our roof, attic or room-in-roof insulation service.

room in roof insualtion

What is a room-in-roof insulation service and why is it great for your home?

Many homes up and down the UK have a room in the roof that is accessed by a fitted staircase. This additional space could be an original feature of the property, or may have been installed at a later date. One thing that is the same regardless of when your room-in-roof was installed is that a lack of roof insulation will have an impact on the way that the room feels.

roof insulation

In winter the space feels cold and uninviting and in summer it can be too hot to bear. Roof insulation is vital if you want to ensure that your room-in-roof is more of a consistent temperature. It is also great for ensuring that your energy bills are as low as possible, stopping heat from escaping. 

How is it installed?

When it comes to roof space, every one is different. This means that you will need an expert opinion on which approach is going to be best for you. Here at Six Star Group we can offer you an insulation survey on the property. Our expert insulation surveyors will give you a professional opinion on what is best for your property, not only verbally during the visit, but also in writing alongside your quotation.

Once the best approach has been decided, our team of roof insulation experts will arrive at your home. They will take the time to explain the work that will be carried out, seeking your approval before they begin. We will then insulate the different areas, including dwarf walls and sloping ceilings and will use the right materials for the different spaces. This ensures that your insulation will perform to the highest standard. Once completed, our team will re-board the room. Finishing it with a coat plaster, leaving it ready to be decorated.

Why choose Six Star Group as your room-in-roof insulation company?

Six Star Group is on a mission to make sure that all homes throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands; in Warwickshire and throughout Gloucestershire and Worcestershire are as warm and cosy as can be. We have a wealth of technical expertise that can help make sure that you are left with a property that you love to be in. Every member of our room in roof insulation team, from the surveyor to the installers are well trained and qualified to undertake the work. We are not only experts in insulation, but damp services and ventilation too. This means that we can give your entire home a complete overhaul. We are also dedicated to providing excellent levels of customer service and pride ourselves on giving our customers service that they want to recommend to their friends. For more information contact us today.

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