Rising Damp Treatment Company

The last thing that you will want to find in your home is damp. Damp can be troublesome and in some forms is difficult to treat. Here at Six Star Group we are damp cure specialists and we can work with penetrating damp and condensation as well as rising damp.

What is rising damp?

Rising damp is when moisture enters and stays in the fabric of the building. Absorbed by the walls and floors, waters can slowly cause damage to your property that can be costly to repair. Ground water rising up through your walls often contains groundwater salts that will eventually contaminate the decoration within your home as well as the building materials. These will keep showing through any gypsum-based plastering as effervescent salts – no matter how many times you paint over them.

What are the causes of rising damp in internal walls in your home?

Rising damp is mainly caused when the damp proof course fails or, more likely, when it has been bridged. Without this protective barrier, the water that naturally occurs in the ground can travel up the wall in your property. Think about how it would be soaked into a piece of tissue…

How can you tell if you have rising damp in your home?

It can be difficult to be sure which type of damp is affecting your home. Here are some of the biggest signs that you may have a rising damp problem:

  • A visible tidemark-type stain, typically up to around a meter high (sometimes higher)
  • Blistering plaster or wet patches on the wall
  • Effervescent salts that show on the plaster surface
  • Wet or rotting skirting boards or floor timbers
  • Localised patches of damp that do not dry out

Are there any solutions?

Ascertaining whether or not you have rising damp in your home can be tricky. Here at Six Star Group, we are able to send out a rising damp specialist surveyor with professional equipment who can check your property and confirm which type of damp there is.

Once the damp problem is identified we can begin our rising damp cure treatment. As an expert rising damp treatment company, we know exactly what needs to happen to ensure that your rising damp has minimum chance to damage your walls and that it can be treated effectively.

The best approach to take is to make sure your walls and floors are protected against external moisture sources. This could mean rectifying the problem and using tanking membranes or a tanking slurry on the walls, or it could mean injecting a new damp proof course or laying a new damp proof floor membrane.

Combine rising damp with our plastering services

As well as offering our effective rising damp services, our team can also make sure that your home is left looking great. That is why many people decide to combine our rising damp services with our plastering services.

This means that you can treat any damp problems that are occurring in the property, and be left with beautiful, fresh walls that are ready for you to paint. We are also able to offer home insulationventilation and loft boarding to help improve your home tooSix Star Group covers the following areas:

  • Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield
  • Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire
  • Warwickshire

and as a rising damp removal company, we are on hand to help fix your issues. Get in touch with us today.

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