Loft Insulation Fitters

Six Star Group has experienced loft insulation fitters who have improved loft spaces all around Birmingham and the West Midlands; in Warwickshire and throughout Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. We are experienced in providing a range of roof and loft insulation services to homes. Saving up to 25% on your heating bills means we believe that insulating your loft is a great idea for any home.

loft insulation service

Have a warm and cosy home thanks to our dedicated loft insulation service

If you have your loft insulation installed by qualified fitters like Six Star Group you can see a huge impact on your energy bills. In fact, it is thought that you can save as much as £250 every year on your energy bills as well as reducing the wear and tear that is experienced on your boiler.

The installation of loft insulation should only take a few hours when completed by our expert loft installation fitters here at Six Star Group. In no time at all, the job will be complete and your loft insulation will last for around 40 years.

Gain some extra storage space

Not only can loft insulation help keep your home warm, it can also give you some much needed space too. Alongside booking our service to insulate your roof space, you can also take advantage of the loft boarding service that we provide.

Boarding your attic can give you additional space to store all the items that can build up over time in a family home. And, if you install a loft ladder this makes accessing the improved storage space in your loft all the easier.

Why use Six Star Group loft insulation fitters & surveyors? 

It isn’t only loft insulation fitters that we are able to provide with here at Six Star Group. We are also experts in providing loft insulation surveys as well as a range of other services, including solid wall insulation, draught proofing, damp services and ventilation. 

The first thing you can expect with Six Star Group is that one of our loft insulation surveyors will visit your property and evaluate the different risk factors. This includes the ventilation within the property and any fire hazards that could arise too. Our team are all experts and provide the highest levels of service.

We are on hand across Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire and Warwickshire, so whether it is a loft insulation, room in roof insulation or underfloor insulation service that you needget in touch with us today and we will make sure that your home is as warm and insulated as it can possibly be.

Just fill in the enquiry form opposite to book an insulation or damp survey with us today.