Internal Wall Insulation Installers

You may not realise it, but as much as half the heat that escapes from your property is lost through the external and internal walls. This means that if you do not properly insulate your internal walls, then you could end up paying a lot more on heating than you really need to. Some homes can take advantage of cavity wall insulation, which uses the gap between the two layers of bricks to install insulation into your property.

However, if your home was built before the 1920s, then you will probably have solid brick walls and these will not have any gaps within which you can install insulation. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to have insulation in your home though.

Six Star Group, the specialist internal wall insulation installers

Here at Six Star we are a team of specialist internal wall insulation installers. Our team are trained, certified and experienced in the installation of many insulation solutions. We have worked on a vast number of properties, delivering a high quality insulation service. We will work through the entire process with you, ensuring that you are kept up to date and understand the work that we are undertaking.

The process begins with a dedicated and comprehensive insulation survey with one of our friendly team members. During this survey, they will advise you what is the right solution for your solid walls. We will advise you which approach to take using carefully selected and BBA-certified internal wall insulation systems. 

The internal wall insulation process

For the majority of buildings that we work on, we will assess the walls for voids which may need to be blocked to prevent condensation or mould building up behind the insulation. We then remove various items that prevent the internal wall insulation from having contact with the wall, such as radiators, skirting boards, lights etc. The chosen insulation system is then installed by our professional insulation installers and a plaster finish is then applied. If the system is deemed not ‘breathable’, then we always use hidden vapour barriers to stop condensation entering the system. If you choose a ‘breathable’ solution, such as wood fibre, then we will use layers of breathable plaster with a reinforcement mesh to prevent cracking.

Finally, any items removed at the start of the process are re-installed. Some items such as window cills will probably have to be replaced with deeper ones. Once we have completed our internal wall insulation installation, you will be left with a warm and inviting room, that you can then decorate.


The Six Star Group guarantee

All of our work is guaranteed, both by the manufacturer’s warranty and the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA). Our work can also be verified by local buildings inspectors with a Building Regulation certificate to preserve the future saleability of your property.

If you believe that you need internal wall insulation, then call Six Star Group today or fill in the form and we will contact you. Covering properties throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands; in Warwickshire and throughout Gloucestershire and Worcestershire our team of internal wall insulation installers will work with you to ensure that you have a warm and cosy home.

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