Home Ventilation Services

Here at Six Star Group we are proud of the varied and complete service that we are able to provide our customers with. Not only are we experienced in offering insulation services but we also provide home ventilation services throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands; in Warwickshire and throughout Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. Ventilation is key to your home and whilst you will want to avoid any draughts, you will also need to make sure that you allow the moisture that builds up a chance to escape.

This is where home ventilation specialists like Six Star Group can help. We are not only able to offer a complete home ventilation service but we also have the qualified experts able to advise on a range of MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) solutions.

Why does your home need ventilation treatment?

Without realising it, moisture can build up in your home each and every day. Cooking, washing and other daily tasks all have an impact on the air quality and moisture levels found within your home. This can often show signs as an initially innocent build-up of condensation on windows and walls. However, after a while, things often get worse. Not only can poor ventilation contribute to issues with damp, but it can also have an impact on your health. Worsening the symptoms of conditions such as asthma and allergies. It can even cause black mould to occur – a major health hazard.


What is included in the Six Star home ventilation service? 

Now you understand more about why proper ventilation is so key in your home, you may want to look at hiring a professional home ventilation services company. Here at Six Star Group, we have many years of experience dealing with properties of all shapes and sizes, helping them to fix their home ventilation issues.

The first part of our process is to conduct a ventilation survey on your home where we measure any existing ventilation and take humidity level readings. This will look at any issues within the property as well as the best ways to combat these problems. For homes that we discover have a high humidity level, we will install input and extract ventilation systems. For larger retrofit projects, we are able to install MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery). This will address the ventilation issues in your property as well as minimise any heating costs.

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As an authorised surveyor and home ventilation services company, you can trust in our expert advice. Not only this, but you can be sure that the work we carry out on your property is under a lengthy warranty and of the highest quality possible. So, if you live in or around

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and you are looking for a dedicated solution to your ventilation problem, get in touch with us here at Six Star Group. We know how to make sure that your home is not only draught-free and well insulated, but that it is properly ventilated and free from damp too.

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