Dampcure & Damp Treatment Service

Finding damp in your property can be bad news. Not only is it unsightly, it can cause long-term structural damage and also be detrimental to your health and your family’s health. As such, damp problems need to be identified and treated as early as possible. This is because damp can quickly become worse, and as it gets worse the likely cost to remove and repair any damage will increase. Damp problems can also lead to timber decay.

How damp cure specialists Six Star Group can help

Unfortunately, finding a permanent cure can be difficult which is where damp experts just like us can help. We are a damp specialist company providing a range of damp solution services and others including, ventilation and insulation. We have years of experience dealing with a variety of damp services, offering a reliable and professional service to a number of customers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands; in Warwickshire and throughout Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

If you are unsure which type of damp you have in your home, our surveyors can advise on how the problem is being caused and what we can do to help you.

Problem: black mould

damp cure service : pressure ventilation

Solution: pressure ventilation

problem: render damage

Problem: Render damage

dampcure service: external renderingSolution: external rendering

Our damp cure services

Our team specialise in the three most common types of house damp. This includes:

  • Black mould – which is caused by condensation and high humidity levels
  • Penetrating damp – which is caused by defective mortar or rendering combined with leaking drainage
  • Rising damp – caused by either a failed or bridged damp proof course, which allows moisture to pass up through the walls of the building

Each and every type of damp issue needs to have a different solution. Which means that you need to know for sure which type of mould is in your property and where it is coming from.

Our survey

Not only are we able to offer a wide range of damp cure services and solutions, but thanks to our team of damp treatment experts, we can also come to your property and provide a damp survey. This survey is designed to ascertain the type of damp in your property through various tools we use to take readings. Once this is known a detailed and concise homeowner report will be created for you. This report will contain information regarding why the damp is occurring and which of our damp treatment services will be right for you.

Don’t delay, contact us today

Don’t suffer with damp in your home. Get in touch with us here at Six Star and find the right solution for your damp problem. Whether it is black mould, penetrating damp or rising damp. We know the right way to tackle your problem and can combine our expert knowledge with a variety of different techniques. Mould doesn’t have to be a part of your property that you live with, call us in and make sure that it is gone for good, which will benefit the look of your property and your health too!

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